Hi everyone ! My name is Oana, I’m 18 years old from Romania and I’m going to be a medical student in UK.Medicine is my passion,one of the most important things in my life and for which I work  hard everyday.Like I said, I made this blog to share with you anything about medicine.

Medicine is about saving life and what is more beautiful than saving a life? As a doctor you should love every part of a human body ,you are the artist and the body is your art.What I like the most about medicine is that it is a combination about body and soul. It is so complex because you don’t have to know just biology and chemistry to be a doctor or to understand medicine ,is more than that. For your patient you are not just a doctor you also have to be a psychologist ,a pharmacist ,and also a friend.You need to give him the trust he needs because if he trusts you he won’t hide things from you ,for example fake symptoms or diseases like HIV and so on.To see your patients happy and their trust not broken ,you have to work really hard .Maybe you won’t sleep good for days to help them feel better but that’s alright because you love what you do ,you love the fact that those people smile because of you.You have to treat your patients the way you want to be treat. . You will feel proud because you did something that not many people do ,you saved a life and you will do that for the rest of your life.
You don’t have to think about medicine as a job , because it isn’t a job is more than that ,it is a life style.

I have always been passionate about medicine, maybe because many of my dad’s friends are doctors, but when I surely knew that medicine is right for me it was four years ago.It all started after I saw a heart transplant on the internet, I can say it was love at first sight.While I was watching it, I felt so excited and wanted so badly to be there, to help with the transplant and to save that person’s life.From that moment medicine became my dream, my goal, my everything.I cannot see myself doing anything else or being anyone else.

I want to help people, to change something in this world and I want to be that kind of surgeon that will do everything for her patient till nothing more could be done. I know medicine is hard ,I know maybe sometimes you want to give up but like my favorite quote says “doctors are one of these lucky people who when asked ‘what you do for  a living?’ can answer ‘I save lives’ ”

Enjoy the blog 🙂

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