My experience in the hospital

I was recently in one of the hospitals of my city to do some practice (of course I just watched the doctors, talked with patients and took some notes because I couldn’t touch anything).

It was an interesting experience , but I was a little disappointed about the way some nurses and doctors treated the patients, in special the poor patients.As a future doctor I think it is normal to do everything you could do to help the patient and it doesn’t matter if he/she is rich or poor, well there it wasn’t like that..Doctors (in special the residents) were walking around the hospital, without doing anything, while the poor patients needed their help because they didn’t feel good.I was the only one that asked the patients how they were feeling.One of them had a really bad headache , so I went to call a neurologist to consult him because everyone there ignored him. Why? He was poor that’s why.He had an aneurysm but fortunately it was discovered in time.I felt really good and I was proud of myself that I could help that person.

Another thing that I didn’t like was that even if you get the chance to be consulted,the doctors or nurses talk with you like you better go home and die there because they don’t care anyway. I understand that doctors and nurses are really stressed because it’s not easy to do what they are doing but let’s be serious , you chose this career , you wanted to help people and now you are treating them like sh*t ? Then why do you continue to be a doctor or nurse? Just for money? Well medicine is not about the money you take it’s about the things you do to help this world. In many hospitals is like God is playing poker with the Dead so if the patient is lucky enough he can live if no..he dies.

I really hope that the future doctors and nurses to be the way they should be ,to really care about this career and to treat patients the way they should be treated.

Well this is all for now ! Hope you enjoyed it 😁


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